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Dark Nights

I must be a fool cause I always believe nothing is something; you’d think that I would have learned by now, especially since I’m nothing to you now. (Not that I was ever anything more to begin with; feelings I know ever so well.)

"Action is the enemy of thought."

New kandi so I can rave out till I fade out.

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I know you don’t miss me but I know you remember; I hope you remember as I was rather than who I’ve become.

"I guess some people are just born with tragedy in their blood." It’s the rain cloud that rains on them like the tears that plague them, bad things popping left & right, sadness so intense that there’s no will to fight, no motivation nor might, seemingly hopeless with no blessing or light in sight, again alone in under pale moon wishing that my waste existence would meet its demise & doom soon…. Then there is nothing left to ruin.

This is a place that you come to late at night when you are trapped in your own mind, a place that is raw like meat and exposed like bone. This is my mind when no one is looking. It can be as much magickal as it is sad; chronicles from beyond Neverland and back to earth again. Welcome to my Dark Nights

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